To sustainably innovate
clean beauty products for today's


Let's get HIGHR

At HIGHR, we have a modern take on the meaning of luxury.
HIGHR luxury is innovating with pure, organic and effective clean ingredients to create fewer, better products.  And operating from a sustainable mindset at all costs.  At HIGHR, we offer our customers radical transparency into our products and raw materials because we know you care about what's going on your body (it's also really interesting to know how your products are made).  And finally, HIGHR is a brand that contributes to our shared social good of preserving the environment to ultimately contribute to the healing of the planet. 


Go Deeper:


HIGHR is committed to environmental responsibility, and sustainability to us goes far beyond the packaging of our products alone.  Buying one HIGHR Lipstick saves a total of 5.8 lbs of carbon dioxide compared to standard lipstick.  We've reduced our carbon footprint by formulating HIGHR Lipstick with 100% clean solar energy.  We then offset all remaining carbon to be 100% Carbon Neutral by actively tracking all daily operational carbon with Native Energy.  We record all freight, employee air, train and car travel, facilities, accommodations, conferences, tube manufacturing, and warehousing to offset all carbon used.  To date we have saved and offset a total of 13.1 metric tons of greenhouse gases.  These funds are supporting the Honduras Coffee Growers Clean Water Project, which has both a personal and planetary health impact.

In terms of formulating, we do not use any ingredient that can harm the environment – all forms of silicone, palm oil or microplastics (including Polyethylene, Polybutene, or PEGs) are therefore banned. 

We use metal over plastic wherever we can, and we use recycled and biodegradable packaging for all of HIGHR’s boxes.  HIGHR fulfilment is also biodegradable, including adhesives.  All boxes are printed with vegetable and water inks.