"Hi, I'm Becky! My brand is Uden Pilates, and I'm a Pilates instructor and a proud Mumma of two gorgeous boys, Archie and Arthur. I grew up in the countryside in Sussex on a farm with my horses. I discovered Pilates back in 2008 after a snowboarding accident.  Not only did it heal my injury, it made me feel amazing, and it became my daily addiction.



I think it's important to note that when you are practising Pilates, you are learning to connect the body, mind and breathe.  It's like a moving meditation.  It is for everybody, and is a complete well-being approach to life.  The method continues to evolve today, and it's even more holistic than it's ever been before. In terms of benefits physically, it can transform the body by keeping you strong, lean and healthy. Joseph Pilates always said that "physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" and I definitely think that's the case because if you can maintain a healthy body and mind, then you're going to be happy.



I'm usually woken up after very little sleep because my children are still quite disruptive at night. My day starts around 6am with my toddler coming into the bed with me.  My husband always makes me water and lemon with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of ginger, and I have that before I get up.  Then I jump in the shower. 


I have to get myself ready for the day ahead of my baby getting up / husband going to work, because if not I don't have time to shower and for me showering is incredibly important first thing in the morning.  My makeup routine is also non-negotiable, so all that needs to be done BEFORE baby wakes up. 


My day is then officially started by quarter to seven when both children are up.  I go into the kitchen and make my coffee and breakfast with the boys.  I'm addicted to papaya for breakfast which started as a craving with my first pregnancy.  It's an amazing fruit.  It has so many health benefits and is recommended postnatally as a lactation aid.  It lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and it helps aid digestion. It's also meant to improve your blood glucose levels and to be good for healing.  



So I first started looking into clean skincare when I was thinking about getting pregnant.  That's when I became more conscious about what I was putting on my body because ultimately any toxins you put onto your body when you're pregnant can then transfer through to baby. Around this time I started using a lot of REN and Neal's Yard.  It’s been a complete, gradual, transition since then. 


I always use Neal’s Yard face wash in the shower.  Then I do a facial mist and an eye cream.  If it's daytime, I put on some form of serum. I’ve gotten really into Votary. Their products give my skin a plump and dewy feel, and they are sustainable. I use the Super Seed Nutrient Cream, and I mix in a few drops of Pai Rosehip Oil


In the evening, I use cleansing oil.  Then I exfoliate and use the Votary Super Seed facial oil and let it sink in. Just before I go to bed, I mix a couple of drops of my Pai Rosehip Oil into a night cream



My makeup routine is like cleaning my teeth.  I would never start my day until I have my makeup on.  Makeup really is something that I'm known for (laughs) and people are always asking how I have my makeup done and ready for the nursery school run.  For me it's just everyday.


I haven’t yet found clean or sustainable makeup that I like, which is why I’m so excited for HIGHR to launch.  Molly is a friend, and I was able to test HIGHR Lipstick when she was developing it.  The formula is so good - I always choose a lipstick based on the texture and this one is creamy and comfortable.  The edited colour palette is perfect as well.  Also I'm quite often short of time, and the lipsticks that make it into my daytime bag are the ones I can just grab and put on without a mirror because I never have a mirror.  Now I will always have a mirror to put my lipstick on with!


I always use Skin Ceuticals Mineral SPF 50.  I then use MAC strobe cream in Peach Light. I don’t wear foundation, but I follow the strobe cream with a tiny amount of tinted cream and the Hourglass lighting palette


I also use this little cream you put on over your eyelid, and it give you a nice sheen, and then I use MAC mascara.


I ALWAYS wear lipstick.  It brightens my face and my mood.  I can go from feeling quite tired, and then after a swipe of lipstick, to automatically just feeling better overall.  I don't tend to wear lip liner in the morning but I always wear it if I'm going out for anything other than the nursery drop off.  During the day my go-tos are nude-pinks, with a nude lip pencil. 


I add eyeshadow and eyeliner in the evenings.  Then I change my lipstick to something pinker or brighter, or a plum.




I haven't eaten meat in years. I mainly eat a plant-based diet, with a little bit of fish (if I'm out in a restaurant). My diet is quite clean... apart from the wine and chocolate.


I try to do 12 hours fasting from when I stop eating dinner to when I start breakfast to give my body a rest.  I’ve been doing this for years, and fasted for even longer before I had my children with a day of mainly juicing.  Fasting post-baby is difficult, so I rely on clean eating (and coffee!) and a lighter version of fasting.




I am a massive, massive, massive fan of Wild Nutrition, and I have been using their brand since my first pregnancy. I started with their fertility supplement, then the pregnancy supplement, then the breastfeeding supplement, and I'm now on their multi-vitamins and their skin, hair and nails supplement. I'm also still taking Bump & Glory supplements still because of the high levels of DHA. 




I’m obsessed with Mustela.  I use the face cream, nappy cream and sun creams (the body and face SPF 50) on my children. I use their bubble bath as well, which both my boys just love.  And Aveeno makes the best baby wipes.


The other brand that I like is Weleda.  I personally use their body oils twice a day, which are just amazing.  


I also like the Green People hand sanitiser.  It's alcohol-free and natural and safe.  Oh, and Attitude Little Ones laundry detergent for the children's clothing, but I really love the smell and use it on ours too, much to my husband's disapproval because it's crazy expensive! Never mind, it's just so lovely!"


- As told to HIGHR.


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